Are you planning to create a mobile app? Or maybe, you have already manifested your brilliant ideas into an app that’s now available to your users. But all your efforts will have a dead end if your app doesn’t reach the right audience.

Being featured in the App store is crucial and definitely, comes as a deciding factor for the app’s native growth.

Your app may get featured in various places at the app store but the remarkable place is on the front page, here you get all the glory because this is the first thing users see. Getting featured on the homepage of some specific category is likewise beneficial and you are sure to get seemingly high exposure.

If you are an app developer looking to improve your app ranking and ultimately aiming to get your app as Rank 1 you have to pay attention to the following factors:

1. App Icon makes a Difference: An app icon is the face of the mobile app. It is found that App Stores feature attractive app icons on its prime list as these icons exhibit intrinsic features of the app. A captivating icon will raise curiosity in user’s mind and urge them to check its features.

2. Build a product which people want: As said numerous times by Paul Graham founder Y-Combinator, the best startup incubator in the world, “make a product which people want”. If you build an app nobody wants than what you are doing is blindly hoping that people stick to your product and keep on using it. The test of a great app is “the toothbrush test”. If you build a product which users cannot survive without using it daily like toothbrush you are on your way to becoming a successful app developer.

3. Select the right keywords: The first step in any good search optimization campaign is selecting the right keywords. If you pick the wrong keywords, your app won’t rank, traffic numbers will be low, or the traffic won’t be targeted to your demographic. A unique name would surely raise user’s curiosity.

4. Display the Most Awesome Screenshots: Uploading high-definition images gives the user a glimpse of the overall beautiful design and what’s in store for them. Capture the best possible screenshots that look enticing and highly attractive such that potential users are convinced to instantly download your app.

5. Add a Demo or Promo Video: Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to rank high! The Google Play Store lets you freely add a YouTube video to promote your mobile app, so get creative and show what it’s worth in a short and sweet clip. The video is typically exhibited on Android devices right in the very first screenshot slot.

6. Strive to Get and Maintain Good Ratings: Ratings are part of the rank and search algorithm for App Store. Do everything on your end to gain only positive reviews and 5-star ratings, which is directly related to your app’s search ranking. Add a call to action button on your app page asking users to leave a review.Loyal app users love when they see their feedback being implemented as new features in the app.

7. Retention: If 100 users download your mobile app every day how many still use the app 30 days, 60 days or 90 days afterward. How many users have uninstalled your app? The app with the highest retention in a category has the highest chance to be featured as number 1 on App Store.

8. Active Users: 90% of the mobile apps have active users below 10%. Active users are those who downloaded the app but yet not un-installed it. The apps getting featured have an active user base of above 30%.

9. Keep it up to date: Systematically add new features or small patches to your application and both App Stores and your users will appreciate it. Give it a new look and feel occasionally, and see how it excites users. If you see any new feature developed by Google, try to implement it in your app. Using this tip will greatly increase your chances of being featured in Google Play.

10. Social media marketing: Promote the mobile app in your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) – communicate with your potential audience and let them know that the new and shiny app is ready for download.

A high-quality app integrated with all the new features, meeting all the technical requirements of a given platform, properly marketed and systematically updated will give you a reasonable chance of being featured in the App Store.

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